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Diversity planning and practice is a strategic planning approach to ensuring equitable access to services that are responsive to and respectful of a person’s individual characteristics and life story and takes account of the local or catchment demographic.

The Bilateral Agreement specifies that Victorian HACC providers that transitioned to the CHSP are required to continue diversity planning for 3 years until June 2019…for both CHSP and HACC PYP funded organisations.

A whole of organisation approach is encouraged to diversity planning by linking it to quality improvement processes and the Home Care Standards.

ASM and Diversity Planning Information Kit October 2016

The concept of special needs within the Commonwealth Home Support Program is not intended as a principle for generally prioritising access to services for an individual client over another. Rather, the identification of particular groups recognises that each person is unique and has different beliefs, values, preferences and life experiences and that for some people these differences may result in barriers to accessing or using services.

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