Diversity Advisors for Loddon Mallee:

Virginia and Rosemary work as part of the Loddon Mallee Sectoral Development Team together with Vicki Walker, Aboriginal Development Officer and Liz Foster, Wellness & Reablement Consultant. The role of the Diversity Advisors is to support service providers with the planning and implementation of their diversity plans, as a key part of continuous improvement, utilising alliance meetings, e-bulletin, networking opportunities and facilitation of workshops towards achieving successful consumer outcomes.

Diversity planning presentation for CEOs/boards/councils with supporting information.  This can be adapted for or presented to your organisation; with support from the regional Diversity Advisor if required.

The Connecting the Pieces video (7.33 minutes duration) created by members of the Eastern Metro Region Alliance is a useful tool for commencing a conversation about diversity with team members. The lively animation articulates the unique aspects of diversity and person centred care and importantly, the relationship between these approaches, how they influence each other and the need for diversity and person centred care to be understood throughout the continuum of the client’s journey.



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