Occupational Therapists

The OT Network was initially established as gathering of all of the southern co-located Occupational Therapists (OT’s). The Network was then duplicated for the northern co-located OT’s before finally merging to become a regional network.

This group meets quarterly for 3 hours, between 2 sites via VC – Bendigo & Swan Hill, providing the opportunity for OTs to share their approaches, troubleshoot, share resources, successes and general support.

The Network aims to:

  • identify opportunities to embed ASM principles and practice within organisations
  • support the expansion of capacity of Assessment Officers, Community Care Workers, other OT’s
  • strengthen practice through networking
  • support other OT’s in the role
  • share stories/outcomes, including barriers and enablers

The development of this website is a direct result of the OT Network seeking a means of gathering and sharing various partnership resources to share their experiences, learnings and resources more broadly.

2017 Meeting dates:
Wednesday 9th August
Wednesday 8th November

If you would like further information about this network, please contact:

Wellness & Reablement Consultants:
Liz Foster – liz.foster@cobaw.org.au
Rosemary Duffield – rduffield@schs.com.au

DHHS Program Advisors:
Faye Ennor-Severs faye.ennor-severs@dhhs.vic.gov.au
Maggie Ferniemaggie.fernie@dhhs.vic.gov.au


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