Annex Lease Agreement

ATTEST: [ASSIGNOR] BY: TITLE: DATE: ATTEST: [ASSIGNEE] BY: TITLE: DATE: [Consent of Airport Lessor By: Name: Title: Date: ] Exhibits to be Attached: Appendix 1 Description of Assigned Space Annex 2 Copy of Lease Annex 3 Request for Consent Exhibit O-5 Copyright © 2018 For the purposes of the above seller`s special guarantee for reasonable title, the value of the leases and business units listed in the leasing schedule and the drilling of companies listed in the drilling schedule is considered to be the assigned value. Specification of development in agreed formAnnex A Agreed form of the lease Annex B. This Annex B applies only to the acquisition or financing, leasing and maintenance of vehicles financed by the lessor in accordance with the contract, supplemented by this leasing annex (together with the “financial lease”). The parties agree that the purchase price will be allocated between the company`s leases, business units and the company`s drilling, as set out in the leasing schedule (with respect to the company`s and entities` leases) and on the well-drilling annex (with respect to the company`s drillings). . . .

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