Bc Online Electronic Services Agreement

`subscription account` means an account which is made available to a subscriber in accordance with paragraph 4 and which enables the subscriber to access the services offered through CSO. 4. If one or more records are used in electronic form for the marriage of a material referred to in paragraphs 19(j) or (m), a written record used for the performance of the activity is not valid unless the use of records in electronic form has been completed and replaced by the written use of the records. 28. The Province shall make available to the Subscriber, electronically or otherwise, if the Subscriber has a subscription account, a statement containing: “pre-authorized charge”, a transaction that debits the account and is processed electronically by a financial institution in accordance with your written request. 49. Subscriber acknowledges that the Province may amend the terms of this Agreement from time to time to reflect changes to the services provided through CSO or for other reasons. The continued use of a user ID or password after notification of these changes constitutes the subscriber`s acceptance of these new terms and conditions. You won`t select an obvious combination of numbers for your PIN (for example.B. address, card number, account number, phone number, date of birth, or social security number).

You understand that the financial institution has only transmitted the PIN to you and no one else, and you will not pass on the PIN to others under any circumstances. You will not use your PIN as a mobile device or online access code. You will not keep a written record of the PIN unless the written record is not saved next to the debit card and is not saved on your mobile device and is in a form that is not decipherable to the other. You will always check the PIN entry with your hand or body. 11 (1) If there is a legal requirement for a person`s signature, that requirement shall be met by an electronic signature. The GC can in part achieve these goals by replacing paper-based processes with more modern, faster and easier to use electronic practices. Federal and provincial laws also provide exceptions to the use of electronic signatures, such as agreements relating to the transfer, assignment, license or other concessions of donated intellectual property; Wills and powers relating to financial matters or the personal care of a person; certain prospectus offerings (Form 6) that are subject to SEDAR; and certain land transfer documents….

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