Consensual Agreement In A Sentence

18 The rhetoric of opposing politics, it is said, hides a more consensual substance. 3 Many such incidents are consensual in nature, as shown in the example below. The purchase and sale contract is a daily example of a consensual contract. Indeed, when the seller and the buyer agree on a price for an item to be sold and bought, the seller and the buyer have reciprocal shares. However, the situation is somewhat different with respect to lending and borrowing, as nothing is done before the item or the amount of borrowed money is handed over. Perhaps there was only consent. 17 The most favourable circumstance was the existence of governments in the Six, which largely agreed on their views on integration. The police report indicates that there is a consensual relationship between the young man and the young woman. What prompted you to seek out of common agreement? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). 4 Civil proceedings are also the subject of consensus when they are initiated by a special agreement to submit the arbitration procedure or the International Court of Justice. All conference participants agreed that meetings should begin at 9 a.m.

A real contract is an agreement between interested parties to fulfill (or abstain from) a property obligation. These are contracts involving exchanges of monetary or other real estate between the contracting parties and requiring more than mere consent. The term “true contract” is Roman law and was used at the same time as contracts relating to private and real estate contracts. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for 21 consensual cohesion are maintained by the establishment of a consensual decision-making structure, so that everyone feels an important participant. 9 Their own consensual efforts to deny and oppress them would then be unmasked for the deceptive appearances they have always been. 8 An operation, an obvious form of consensual attack, is, quite rightly, permissible. 16 The woman claimed to rape, but Reeves insisted that it was consensual. A contract is only valid if the contract is supported by mutual agreement, legally and by a promise of value.

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