Diversity Advisors and the CHSP:

The Diversity Advisors support CHSP providers in Loddon Mallee to build their capacity so that consumers have equitable access to their services. This means being responsive to and respectful of a person’s individual characteristics, experiences and life story and takes account of the local or catchment demographic (who is not using your service and why?) …resulting in a more inclusive and culturally aware service with better outcomes for Senior Australians.

CHSP Manual as guide:

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Manual 2020-2022 outlines specific target groups (1.2.9) and Older people with diverse needs (1.2.11) which align with those in the Aged Care Act 1997.

What do the Diversity Advisors do?

Provide resources and information · A regular diversity newsletter to the sector · Facilitate and participate in networks, alliances and forums · Respond to individual enquiries  · work as part of a team with the Aboriginal Development Officer and Wellness & Reablement Consultant.

Helping CHSP providers to:

Understand and embed the principles of the National Diversity Framework and Action Plans into continuous improvement plans · Address diversity requirements within the Aged Care Quality Standards and Charter of Rights · Understand the barriers in accessing service support that are experienced by older people with diverse needs · know about the relevant support organisations.