The Diversity Advisor role was developed in 2012 by the then Department of Health and Human Services to support diversity planning and practice within the Home and Community Care Program. The scope of the role has changed over time and currently Diversity Advisors support Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers in Loddon Mallee region.

The Connecting the Pieces video (7:33 minutes duration) created by members of the Eastern Metro Region Alliance is a useful tool for commencing a conversation about diversity with team members. This lively animation articulates the unique aspects of diversity and person-centred care and importantly, the relationship between these approaches, how they influence each other and the need for diversity and person-centred care to be understood throughout the continuum of the client’s journey.

Addressing Diversity within the Aged Care Quality Standards webinar – This webinar, developed by Victorian Diversity Advisors in 2020, can be viewed as a whole, and has also been divided into segments (individual case studies) relating to each standard with some supporting dialogue around wellness. Accompanying information sheets have been developed for each segment for use in the learning environment. You are welcome to contact your Diversity Advisor for support in using this tool.
This is not an ‘Introduction to the Standards’. It is specifically addressing diversity considerations and how different consumer diversity characteristics and experiences interact with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

For free, online Diversity Training Options and ideas – contact your Diversity Advisor.

Words at work – Building inclusion through the power of language

Refer to diversity groups for specific resources.