Veterans are a special need group under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) website is full of information.

Links here to a few of the Department of Veterans Affairs factsheets that may assist service providers to determine eligibility for CHSP service support:

To think about:

  • The Pensioner Concession Card issued through DVA holds the same status as the PCC through Centrelink.
  • A person may have a DVA card but is not eligible for Veterans Home Care (some or all) e.g. White Card
  • There may be veterans living locally who did not serve in the Australian Defence Force or allied forces (i.e. originally from other countries) requiring support?
  • Bereavement may alter circumstances for a spouse or partner significantly e.g. Gold Card eligibility may be lost after 98 days

Not every Veteran accesses DVA

Veterans At Ease is a charity devoted to veterans mental health.