2016 Census Dashboard – Second Release

Profile of Older Residents by Municipality

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander ABS statistics released 27/5/2016

4720.0 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey: User Guide, 2014-15

4720.0.55.002 Microdata: National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, 2014–15 (First Issue)


Diversity Planning Data Sources for LGA profiles

  1. 2014 LGA profiles are available in regional documents, which include the profile for each departmental region, and individual profiles for each LGA within the region. The individual LGA profiles are also available.  2015 LGA profiles will be available in coming months.
  2. Town & Community Profiles – geographic, service, population and social profiles of communities in the Loddon Mallee Region

.id has delivered suburb-based community profiles to councils across Australia and New Zealand. These are delivered in public websites, branded, for anyone to access. Township profile and elements e.g. religion

  • To do: Have a look at your local government website and Primary Care Partnership website


Statistical Data for Victorian Communities


This page contains a range of statistical information about social, health and economic outcomes for all Victorian localities. This data is a collaboration between the City of Greater Dandenong and the Victorian Local Government Association (VLGA).  All files are in Excel format unless otherwise stated.