Access & Support

The Loddon Mallee Access and Support network meets every one to two months by zoom. Terms of Reference updated annually. Members chair, minute and coordinate meetings with rotation of these roles. Diversity Advisors as ex officio members attend meetings and provide updates on Diversity matters.

2020 Meeting dates

Wed 2nd Sept 2020
Wed 7th Oct 2020
Wed 4th Nov 2020
Wed 2nd Dec 2020

Access and Support workers focus on people whose diversity characteristics are a barrier to accessing or using entry-level home support and related services.  Key to linking people into services is assertive outreach to community and working together with service providers (eg assessment, allied health services) and the capacity of the A&S worker to spend time in building relationships.  Access and Support services cover most of Loddon Mallee (exceptions being Buloke and Campaspe) but can provide secondary consult across boundaries.

A resource that articulates the A&S role in practice is Diversity Planning and Practice in Home and Community Care services in Victoria

Please click here for the Access & Support Contact List.

Diversity Advisors:

Virginia Harkin

Rosemary Duffield

Coordinator of the ECCV Statewide Access and Support Peer Network: Gabriel Rukas