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Wellness and Reablement

Wellness and Reablement are a core part of service delivery practice in the home care sector.

  • Wellness involves building on the strengths and goals of individuals to promote independence in daily living tasks
  • Reablement involves short-term interventions to adapt to functional loss or to regain confidence and capacity

Wellness and reablement approaches foster independence and improve quality of life.  They provide hope and are important because they can transform lives.  These approaches deliver positive outcomes for consumers, carers and communities.

Active Service Model (ASM)

The Active Service Model (ASM) is a quality initiative to enhance service provision for Victorians who use HACC PYP services.  ASM aims to help people live in the community as independently and autonomously as possible.  Being independent means people can manage their daily activities, including social and community participation.  Being autonomous means people can make their own decisions.

This video is courtesy of Sunassist in Mildura.

It was played at a thank you day for volunteers held earlier in the year.

The Video highlights three core themes of “Embedding Wellness and Reablement”:

  1. Client engagement:
    • these clients put up their hand to deliver their appreciation,
    • Clients were engaged in this process, highlighting importance of the consumers and volunteers.
    • Clients were engaged by utilising a different form of communication which in turn highlights the:
  2. Communication practices of this organisation
    • This video highlights a different and considered communication approach
    • Meaningful to clients
  3. Service delivery:
    • The video highlights the impact on clients, not just the importance to the clients.

Thank you for Sharing Sunassist!

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