Wellness & Reablement

Wellness and Reablement are a core part of service delivery practice in the home care sector.

  • Wellness involves building on the strengths and goals of individuals to promote independence in daily living tasks
  • Reablement involves short-term interventions to adapt to functional loss or to regain confidence and capacity

Wellness and reablement approaches foster independence and improve quality of life.  They provide hope and are important because they can transform lives.  These approaches deliver positive outcomes for consumers, carers and communities.

The Wellness & Reablement Consultant role:

  • is the key communication point for wellness and reablement developments and information;
  • assists organisations to gain a consistent understanding of the wellness and reablement policy development work that the Commonwealth is currently undertaking;
  • and provides practical operational support on wellness and reablement as a broad sustainable change management and quality improvement strategy, including planning.

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