Regional OT/LGA Partnership Initiative

Provision of HACC growth funding to increase involvement of Occupational Therapists in the HACC service system was provided in 2013. Loddon Mallee Health Region saw this funding as an opportunity to not only increase involvement of Occupational Therapists but to also build on the principles of person centred care and partnerships between Local Government assessments services and the service delivery system – such as building relationship between personal carers and occupational therapists.

The engagement of project officers to coordinate efforts and provide a “jump start” for the region was a highlight for the project. The project had a strong focus on building capacity of staff in order to support person centred care and delivery of the Active Service Model. Findings from the project showed the value of working with this two part approach – there was increased collaboration, partnering and client involvement in planning for care.

Funding in 2014/15 provided an opportunity to appoint a HACC Project Officer for a further 12 month period to identify opportunities to continue to resource and support the development and sustainability of the work. Project Officer tasks included:

  • developing a whole of region summary report (see below) of the first 12 months of collaborative work between health services and local government
  • offering resource support to LGA’s responsive to local needs, and share case studies and positive practice examples – Loddon Mallee Region HACC OT/LGA Project Report – 2015