Referring to Child First

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When to refer to Child FIRST

Seek advice from or refer to Child FIRST if you believe the concerns currently have a low to moderate impact on the child, where the immediate safety of the child is not compromised.

Child FIRST should be considered where any of the following factors are involved:

  • Significant parenting problems that may be affecting the child’s physical, emotional and cognitive¬†development
  • Family conflict, including family breakdown
  • Families under pressure due to a family member’s physical or mental illness, substance misuse, disability or bereavement
  • Young, isolated and/or unsupported families
  • Significant social or economic disadvantage that may adversely impact on a child’s care or development.

Many cases will not fit neatly into these categories. Refer to the DHHS website for further information

What happens after referring to Child FIRST







Note: The Loddon area is planning for establishment of The Orange Door by late 2019. The Orange Door will provide family services alongside family violence support services. Organisaitions will be kept informed if referral pathways change as a result.

Debriefing, supervision and reflective practice is important for service providers when supporting families through difficult times and trauma.


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