Smc Transfer Agreement

We maintain transfer contracts with the following schools: The SMC Graphic Design AS with concentration user experience design perfectly prepares the program, but is not required for admission. The skills presented in the portfolio are a more important factor in admission decisions than the graphic design courses taken by a student. Some strong candidates have developed their skills in the workplace and/or in the industry. SMC also welcomes applicants for the transfer of other community college graphic design programs. The Admissions Committee verifies all university or university certificates as well as each student`s portfolio. The Previous Equivalencies database allows you to see how courses have been transferred in the past by schools without an LMU transfer contract. Since they are not part of a transfer contract, they do not necessarily have to be transferred as indicated. Get ahead of the transfer process! Use RaiseMe to obtain scholarships directly from 4-year colleges and universities while completing your Associate Degree. SMCC offers seamless transfer opportunities to many degree programs at renowned universities and universities. This is possible through transfer ariculation agreements.

Transfer agreements are partnerships between SMCC and different four-year institutions that provide an overview of the courses awarded to a given bachelor`s degree at those institutions and universities. We have made it easy to see which colleges have transfer agreements with SMCC and which programs are being transferred. To explore all the great options you have, visit our website to search for transfer agreements. Smcc and USM have a successful partnership called ConnectEd Pathways. This innovative partnership offers students from selected programs a smooth and easy transfer path to USM-compatible programs at the end of their associate degree. For more information, visit our Connected Pathways website. Spartanburg Methodist College is expected to build a solid academic foundation. For your continued success, we are proud to be able to offer a large number of connection programs with four-year institutions in the Southeast. Currently, we participate in the following agreements: An associate degree at SMC offers you options. Courses are designed in such a way that they can be easily transferred to a large number of higher education institutions. Or, like many students, you may find that you have to work to earn extra tuition. With your associate degree in hand, you are entitled to better paying jobs.

Connect to 4-year colleges and track your progress towards a successful transfer. Students considering a transfer should know which courses that have been taken at Santa Monica College are accepted at the college/university they wish to take. A trajectory that does not appear on an agreement does not pass to the LMU. Please note that if you have already decided where you want to go after graduation, you need to meet with someone from that university or university to make sure you have chosen the right courses. While some students choose to attend smcc, graduate, and transfer with a transfer agreement, others simply choose to occupy a few classes that can easily be transferred elsewhere. Smcc students transferred credits and completed their four-year degrees at more than 50 leading institutions. Download the list of SMCC student transfer lists. Are you interested in seeing how the courses you can take at SMCC are transferred to different universities in the Maine university system? If so, visit transfer Equivalency from the University of Maine System. The following schools/higher education institutions have entered into agreements with the LMU on the transferability of their courses. Generally speaking, courses can be entrusted to the LMU in three ways: students enrolled in regionally accredited institutions can plan their future at the LMU by following the information contained in the transfer agreements and respecting our transfer requirements and deadlines. . .


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