The Offer Is Subject To The Terms Of Your 12-Month Term Agreement

If AT&T has not made a written offer to settle the dispute prior to the selection of an arbitrator, you and your attorney are entitled to payment or attorney`s bonus if the arbitrator grants you a discharge on the merits. The arbitrator may, at any time during the proceedings and at the request of one of the parties, make decisions on the merits within fourteen days of the arbitrator`s decision and settle disputes relating to the payment and reimbursement of costs, costs and alternative payment and the lawyer`s premium. b. Availability and provision of the service. The service you have chosen may not be available in all areas or at the rates, speeds or bandwidths that are generally marketed, and some sites do not qualify for the service, even if initial tests have shown that your line is qualified. We provide qualified Internet Basic lines at the maximum rate of the line available to your site based on our standard management qualification procedures, unless you have chosen a level of service with a lower maximum line rate. You understand that fiber optic and DSL bandwidth is provided per line and that the speed and bandwidth available for any computer or device connected to the network varies depending on the number and type of computers or devices that use the service and the type of usage (for example. B streaming media or downloading larger files). based on network congestion and the speed of the servers you access on the Internet, among others. The speed of the service varies, among other things, depending on network or internet congestion, your computer configuration, your use of the fios VIDEO-on-demand TV service, if applicable, the status of your telephone line and the cabling inside your site. We and our suppliers reserve the right to restrict or suspend the service at any time, with or without notice, in order to perform maintenance activities and maintain session control.

If this is the case for your plan, FamilyTalk may require a service obligation of up to two years for each line. FamilyTalk plans contain only packet minutes included in the main number and the minutes are shared by the additional lines. The rate displayed for additional minutes applies to all minutes that exceed anytime minutes. FamilyTalk asks for two lines. When the tariff plan of the primary number is changed to an ineligible plan or if the main number is separated, one of the existing additional lines becomes the main number of the tariff schedule previously subscribed to the previous primary number; If only one line remains, it is converted to the nearest introduction rate. has. Specifications. EM Service is separate from the email service and offers you professional email services and includes domain name services.

Use of the EM Service is subject to Verizon`s email and anti-spam policies, including limitations on the number and/or size of email messages that may be sent over a certain period of time or the number of recipients of a particular email. . . .

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