Un Agency To Un Agency Contribution Agreement

All substantial changes to business models must be approved by the UNDP Global Fund/Health Implementation Operational Support Team and by the OL for legal matters. All approved derogations should be taken into account in the subsidy schemes set out in the Annex to the SR Agreement. SR agreements may only be signed after the conclusion of a grant agreement. Previously, UNDP did not have a legal basis for making binding commitments with third parties. In order to avoid any delays in implementation, SR agreements should be negotiated and put for signature before the conclusion of the grant agreement. As soon as this happens, the signing of SR agreements should be immediate and automatic. The SR agreement must be accompanied by a number of annexes, including a project document, a grant agreement and a work plan. These documents must be annexed to any SR agreement. The most important operational annex is a work plan developed by the OC in agreement with the RS to be treated. The work plan should be in accordance with the grant agreement and (i) include detailed activities and associated costs/budgets; (ii) achievements/achievements; (iii) the supporting documents necessary for delivery; (iv) performance indicators; and (v) the timetable for the achievement of objectives and results.

The structure of an SR agreement is similar to that of the grant agreement. It consists of a face card, general conditions and several annexes. Two original SR agreements are expected to be signed. After signing, UNDP retains one original and makes the other original available to the RS. In case of variation or additional conditions (for example.B. The Model Agreement with the UN SNS is based on the UN Agency`s model agreement with the UN Agency and aims to establish a more effective framework for cooperation between UN partners that serve as CSR, while meeting the requirements of the Global Fund. Please contact the UNDP Global Fund Implementation Support Team before signing an agreement with a UN agency. Within one month of the end or termination of the SR agreement, CSR must return all assets funded by UNDP under the SR agreement. See Article VII(6). Please note that it is very rare for the physical return of assets to occur.

Typically, the Global Fund authorizes RMs, such as the Ministry of Health, to hold the assets or orders UNDP to transfer the assets to an incoming PR or other SR.

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