Wic Vendor Agreement

Federal and regional regulations contain specific and detailed criteria that must meet transactions to be a WIC-approved supplier. Before you submit an online application, check our Supplier Selection Criteria (PDF) to make sure your store meets the requirements. USDA/FNS provides the WIC EBT Operating Rules (PDF) and the Technical Implementation Guide (TIG) (PDF). The operating rules apply to WIC EBT for all businesses, including retail vendors, WIC suppliers, acquirers and processors. Implementation policies and X9.93 implementation specifications for WIC-EBT transaction processing are in the WIG. The Vendor portal is a secure web application to support retail management in the Washington State Women, Children and Children Nutrition Program. The app offers providers the ability to apply for WIC permission, update store information, sign up for training and more. Any owner of a fully online grocery store in Pennsylvania can apply for permission to be a WIC seller. The WIC authorization will not be transferred to a new owner in the event of a change of ownership. Suppliers may only accept WIC exams when all applications are met, including filling out an application and submitting the necessary supporting documents, completing an authorization review, completing a training program and receiving a letter of authorization from the Pennsylvania WIC program. The transmission of false information results in the application being rejected.

Please note the PowerPoint 2021 presentation for annual supplier training and a PDF document containing the slides it contains. We accept applications for new suppliers. The application and authorization period depends on the availability of our staff. Our goal is to modify applications in a timely manner. The filing of an application does not guarantee authorization. Each company receives a written notification of our authorization decision. Applicable provisions, statutes and administrative provisions: 4. After checking the store, the national agency will approve or reject the store`s application. If the store is approved, it receives a letter of authorization, a window sticker and training materials. Once approved, the store must undergo initial training with the local wiC agency near you.

c. the warehouse meets the minimum storage requirements, which are properly stored and refrigerated, on the storage site; 1. Do you have an acceptable history with the WIC and other USDA food and food service programs. f. The permitted foodstuffs are no older than the expiration dates indicated on the packaging or are not fresh.

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